Foods That Boost Your Immune System During Corona


1. Leafy greens

It’s a no brainer that vegetables are good for you but leafy greens like kale, cabbage, and spinach are really important for your immune system especially when it is compromised. Eating vegetables can help avoid getting sick and missing school. When you can’t get to the grocery store you think beans, rice, and grains, foods that last a long time but are not high in nutrients. What you need is fresh, colorful vegetables and fruits. Carbs can last a long time in your pantry but something like kale or cabbage can last you for several meals. Grains and carbs can be on your plate but they aren’t the star. My favorite way to use these greens are bean soup, pasta, rice bowls, or just a good old fashion salad. The trick is to put a vegetable in every meal. Leafy green vegetables have vitamins and minerals your body needs to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid heart disease, obesity, and other health problems. Remember, the more colors you can add to your plate the better.

2. Bone and vegetable broth

Bone or vegetable broth sounds gross but it is actually really tasty with some spices and noodles. It is easy to make at home but you can also buy it at the store. I can’t even name all the things it does for your immune system but your immune system can benefit. It is extremely good for your joints, to get a good night’s sleep, and has gut-healing properties. It stays forever in your pantry or you can buy it frozen and can be used in so many dishes like soups, ramen, and you can also give it to your dog. The great thing about it is you can add it into anything because it doesn’t have much taste. Get creative!

3. Ginger and turmeric

Ginger and turmeric are both superfoods. You can find them in root form, candied, juiced, and ground as a spice. They last you a long time and even though it’s not really something you can munch on it can be put in several things. If you boil it with water and make tea with it, it is good for your body. Buying it in spice form can open up so many more options when it comes to cooking. Sweets, rice, chicken, and even drinks. In the links below you can find what makes it so good for you and your immune system.

4. Citrus

This can be added into everything. Adding so much flavor citrus can last a long time. You can even grow lemons and limes in your backyard. It is known that citrus can provide Vitamin C and that when sick you turn to citrus like lemons, limes, or grapefruit. This is because it helps build up your immune system, producing white blood cells that fight infections. You can drink lemon water for clearer skin and more energy, which everyone needs this April.

5. Garlic

You can keep this in your pantry, and even though it is known for adding flavor it is amazing for your health and immune system. Even early civilizations noticed it’s healing properties that fight sickness and can be put with soups, sandwiches, meats, and even bone broth for an optimal boost in your health.

6. Fermentation/cultures

Foods like yogurt, Sauerkraut, or kombucha, are all superfoods. Fermentation lasts long, like pickles, and jars of Sauerkraut. Fermentation and cultures also fight infections. Yogurt has Vitamin D that boosts your body’s natural defense against enemies like a virus or flu. Try to get yogurt without added sugar or natural flavors like greek yogurt that can be made yummy with honey or maple syrup, berries, and oat granola. You can put Sauerkraut in your tacos or sandwiches for added flavor and for something sour.

7. Nuts and seeds

Everyone loves peanut butter but that is not the only nut you need to be to boost your immune system. Almonds have vitamins like Vitamin E and healthy fats that are super important for your health. Sunflower seeds are another great thing for your immune system, seeds and nuts provide proteins that your body needs that can be roasted or spiced as a tasty snack. You can add chia seeds, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds to your oatmeal in the morning, or to a batch of waffles. These bags of nuts can last you for forever and are the perfect immune booster.

There are lots and lots of healthy immune-boosting foods out there, superfoods that can make you heal quickly, have more energy, sleep better, and create good gut health. Adding a couple of these foods to your diet can avoid heart problems, medications down the road, and can keep you happy and healthy. Vegetables should be the biggest thing on your plate, then fruits, and protein. Processed foods and sugar can cause joint pain, and force you to make compromises. Don’t compromise on your health. Coronavirus targets weak immune systems, the elderly, kids, or already compromised individuals. Stay safe, stay healthy, and boost your immune system!

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