Is Social Media Good or Bad?


Nowadays so many people are worried about being liked. They think about it all the time even if they say they don’t. They probably don’t say so because it will make them seem “basic” or “weird”. So many people probably think that it is so bad for them to think this way but it really isn’t a bad thing.

The way we are wired.

We are all wired to where we want to be liked by others. We want other people to think of us as cool, popular, or an amazing person. There is nothing we can do about that. We can’t change the fact that we want other people to like us. It changes the way we live, dress, act, and talk. It changes near everything. Which is one of the main reasons that kids like me and many teenagers in middle school or highschool can act almost completely different at school than they do at home. They have almost a completely different life when they enter that building. Social media can have such an influence on that. 

It changes us.

It can change the way we act, which isn’t always a bad thing. Some people when they enter into the social media realm start to change the way they act around other people. The main reason that happens is because some people see the way other people act, look, and even down to the things they say. It’s just a matter of wanting to fit in and wanting to be like everyone around you. Social media generally can make you more self conscious and think more about yourself.

It can bring things to our attention.

Social media has most likely brought out either the best, the worst, or it has done nothing to change their lifestyle, that last one is pretty rare though. The way that it can change people is both beneficial and not. It can do both, none, or just one of them. I think that it is one of the main worries that I would have for people picking whether they want to join social media. For some people they want to be on social media to fit in, people have other reasons but I’m pretty sure that that is the main one that most people think about when it comes to social media and choosing whether to be on it or not. 

Is it good or bad?

Social media can be good or bad it just really depends on whether you use it right or not. There really is no way to say that social media is bad or good for kids. It has a little bit of both, and it also depends on the time in that person’s life. Right now most people are probably liking that we have social media since we are in quarantine. We don’t have any of our friends and we can’t go places and have fun outside of our homes. Right now it is a little bit important to be on some kind of social media, or at least on something like Youtube or Netflix. You can not only find things to do while stuck inside, but you can also use up the time you have.

Parent’s no need to worry.

Getting down to the point. Social media is not just bad nor is it solely good. It is both. People just need to learn how to use it correctly. The only way for kids to know how to use it is to have someone else tell you. So really when it comes down to it, the only thing that parents would need to worry about is whether they clarified how to use social media correctly. They just need to lay down the law with their kids. In reality, the only way they could get hurt is if a parent hasn’t made their point clear.