What Are People Doing During Quarantine?

Quarantine gives us so much time, so what to do with it?



Quarantine has us all bored out of our minds, with school starting we’re starting to get more work but some of us still have absurd amounts of free time. Whether it ranges from baking to playing video games, there are so many ways to spend the time.

Have fun with friends! Playing party games like Among Us, multiplayer games in general or just talking online, there’s no health risk and gives you something to do with friends! I personally enjoy Among Us a lot, especially when you have enough to fill the lobby(10 people). As long as no one takes the game too seriously, it’s a fun way to pass time and you even get to know each other’s personalities a bit more!

Or you can do something with family! Cook your family a dinner, bake a dessert, or just have fun with them in general. Spending time with family and friends is very important, even though you may be in your house all day, you might not realize how much time you’re spending alone in your room.

Exercising is a huge part of a daily life, and if you never go outside you get next to no exercise. Especially now, since we have the option of not choosing a P.E. some of us are forgoing the exercise completely. Even doing a few push-ups and sit-ups everyday for the rest of the school year would make a noticable difference, after enough time. Keeping your body in poor shape will make it tougher when we go back to school.

Don’t forget to do your homework though! Homework should come before full on relaxing, but taking breaks is definitely fine, in fact recommended. The sooner you do your work, the less stress you’ll have for the rest of the day, or week, or month, depending on the assignment.

I hope you’re remembering to do all these! Even if in small amounts, hanging out with friends or family, exercising, or doing homework daily will help you in the long run whether it be this grading period or high school.