Valorant Act 3: Good or Meh?

Lets see the good, the bad, and the ugly of the new act of Valorant.

Valorant Act 3: Good or Meh?


If you don’t know what Valorant is, its Valve’s latest mega-game. It has blown up from tournaments and streams on Twitch. Valorant is a free to play 5 v 5 tactical shooter. It’s like if Overwatch and CSGO has a baby.

Valorants new Act, Act 3 launched almost two weeks ago. Now that the dust has settled, let’s review it!

The Good

Act 3 introduced a new map and battle pass. We’ll talk about the new map Icebox later, but let’s first talk about the battle pass.


Wow, what a battle pass. Three gorgeous sets, and a huge step up from last season. My personal favorite set is the Serenity set, with the jade like coat and gold highlights. The other sets are also amazing and a battle pass first, the Surge set has variants!

Usually the best sets are locked behind ridiculous (I’m talking 100 dollars and up) paywalls, but for ten dollars, this is a steal.


The new agent Skye looks insanely fun to play. Her kit includes flashes, short sights and she is the second agent to heal, with an AoE heal. She will most definitely have a big impact on the pro scene.

The Bad

Valorant still has a rampant toxicity issue, but sadly that is a problem with all online games. The real issue currently is smurfs. In Valorant, and other multiplayer games, a smurf account is someone who has high rank, but makes a new account so they can play with new players and stomp them. Riot says there will address this, but it’s still a huge issue in the gaming world.

Riot announced the first tournament this season. Why is it a bad thing? Because the game is still unbalanced. Viper is still horrible, and Jett is way to powerful.

The Ugly

Oh boy. Icebox.

This is not made for a game like Valorant. There are too many angles to guard, with the defending team having a distinct advantage. There were many bugs when this map released. You could teleport under the map, or even just leave the map completely. Icebox IMO needs to be fixed. Make it Deathmatch only.


I rate this season an 8/10. I know I was negative towards Icebox, but the whole season is a step up from last season. The battle pass rocks, and the game is still fun.



Do you agree? Disagree? Comment down below!

This has been Nathan, signing off.