Valorant Episode 2, Act 1 Full Review!

What is new in Riots Games competitive shooter?



Valorant Episode Two is upon us, and with it comes a new agent and some big changes. Let’s dive right into the new agent, then cover the balance changes and the battle pass, along with some other miscellaneous things.

The new episode introduces us to the newest agent coming to VALORANT, and his name is Yoru. A native to Japan, he can mix it up with a teleport that he can place down and then teleport back, decoy footsteps to bamboozle your foes, and sigh, another flash bang. His ultimate, Dimensional Drift, makes him semi-invisible and invincible for a short time, and it increases his speed, allowing for him to flank the enemy without them even knowing. Yoru also stars in the newest animated trailer which you can find here. Playing as Yoru can be a blast, but be careful to not be caught with your teleport in a space where enemies can wait for your return.

What would an update be without balance changes?  This patch buffed Brimstone and nerfed Omen, making Brimstone the best smoke agent in the game. He now has 5,000 units range for his Sky Smokes, and an overall decrease to his abilities costs. Omen, on the other hand, is getting an increase for his Paranoia and increasing the time for his smokes to form. Viper, often regarded as the worst agent in the game due to her lack of good abilities, did not receive any changes but is on Riots radar according to the patch notes.


Finally, lets go over the battlepass. This battlepass has three skin sets, like usual, and they are called Outpost, Aerosol and Infinity. You can see the skins below this.


Overall, Valorant: Act Two Episode 1 is a fun time, and if you are interested in playing, you can play for free at here.