FEMA is Running Out of Money

Austin Nguyen, Reporter

With the recent Hurricane hitting Texas, there are already recovery actions taking place. Many volunteers are helping rebuild Houston, Corpus Christi, and more. People are banding together, trying to get things back to normal. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (or FEMA,) is the group that is trying to help rebuilding. They are the people that start the recovery of natural events, and are the people that help clean up. But after the wake of Hurricane Harvey, FEMA is already running out of money.

Right now, the estimated cost of Hurricane Harvey is according to Governor Greg Abbott, is around $150-180 billion dollars. This was just from a Category 3 storm, and it cost this much. The problem is right now that cost is way too high. Sure, that could be paid at a long period of time, but let’s look at how much money FEMA has left. On Tuesday, FEMA has about 1.01 billion dollars. This is a very dangerous zone to be in.

Not only is that a dangerous amount of money left, but Hurricane Irma is already coming to Florida, giving Florida a hurricane 5 Category storm.  The amount of money that FEMA already has is bad, but imagine after this storm. The cost will likely double, and this could be catastrophic for FEMA. With the damage of Hurricane Harvey, FEMA is already trying to prepare for the worst. It is unfortunate that it is back to back, but right now the cost is not important to them.