Game Review: Overwatch


Erith Won, Reporter

On May 24th, 2016, Overwatch was released by Blizzard Entertainment. A lot of people has played it since then, and Overwatch has already passed the 30 million player mark. I usually don’t like first person shooters, but I tried playing it and found it very fun and exciting. I could definitely see why so many people play Overwatch.

There are different characters from different countries, almost like the game Street Fighter, but not. There’s Doomfist(aka Akande Ogundimu) who’s from Nigeria and D.Va(aka Hana Song) who’s from South Korea. And, the characters aren’t just limited to humans. There are characters like Bastion who’s a robot and Winston who’s a genetically engineered gorilla.

Other than having different origins, the characters have different fighting styles and weapons, too. Genji uses shurikens and swords, while his brother, Hanzo, uses a bow and arrow. Some use mines like Widowmaker and Junkrat and guns like Reaper and McCree. There are many other weapons that the heroes have, and each one is different from the others. One person even has a battle armor suit!

The characters are categorized into Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Heroes in Offense usually have lower health than others and have weapons that deal higher damage. Defense characters can create walls(like Mei) or have long range weapons in order to guard locations. The characters in Tank have abilities that allow them to protect their team with shields and more health. Support heroes are usually able to heal or provide support for the team, but are not as good in battle as others and need to be protected by the team.
The last thing I found really cool was the backstories that the Overwatch characters had. Each one was unique and very entertaining to read. My favorite was probably Widowmaker or Tracer’s backstory. You can read their backstories and see their profiles here.