Kraft Instant Macaroni; an Underrated Masterpiece.


If there’s one thing I don’t hear enough people talking about it’s the delightful treat that is, Kraft instant macaroni. Maybe it’s something about the ingredients, or the way it’s made invites the macaroni to taste completely different,  if not infinitely better.


  • Extremely tasty. This mac n’ cheese is delicious and has an amazingly consistent smooth texture!
  • Easy to make. The simple 4 step process is enough to ensure a tasty meal! Remove the cheese packet, add water to the fill line, microwave, add cheese to the cooked macaroni, then enjoy!
  • Quick-cooking. This fun treat only takes three and a half minutes to cook!
  • Most people have a microwave. Nowadays around ninety percent of American households have microwaves, so it’s pretty accessible!
  • Perfect for when you don’t want a whole meal. Finding yourself hungry before dinner? Don’t have the energy to cook? A quick snack is a perfect solution!
  • Hard to mess up. Water, cook, then add cheese! Simple recipe with little worry about messing it up.


  • Less cost-effective. The individual packaging for smaller servings leads to higher costs, which can be devastating or not a possibility for lower-income families.
  • Smaller servings. As mentioned before these are snacks, not meals.
  • Have to buy more, often. As snacks usually go, you have to buy more, more often, as they are not huge meals, they are hunger subsiders.
  • Not exactly health food. Mac n’ cheese is not on the list of healthy foods.
  • Not natural cheese. The cheese is bright yellow, it is not natural.
  • Requires microwave. Not every home can afford a microwave or the electricity bill that the microwave heightens.


All in all

I definitely recommend trying this, you might just love it!