How to Make Ramen (My Version, of Course)

How to Make Basic Ramen (from the package)

This will only take 10-15 minutes. The instructions are simple, but just be careful to not burn your entire house down.

CAUTION/WARNING: Contents will be boiling hot. When you pour out the boiling water (after using it), make sure no one else is using the sink, or else you will burn them. Be careful with hot contents.

Necessary steps

  1. Step one: Get the ramen
  2. Step two: Get a pot and put water in it
  3. Step three: Boil the water and wait for 3-5 minutes at least (keep an eye on it, though)
  4. Step four: Add in the ramen (carefully, of course)
  5. Step five: Use a spaghetti serving spoon to mix it (an optional step, but you can scoop your ramen out easily that way)
  6. Step six: Put the finished ramen in a bowl (make sure to put some soup in it, too, if you don’t like it dry!)
  7. Step seven: Put the seasoning in, and enjoy!

Optional steps

  1. Step one: Make a fried egg with it (or scrambled eggs, they also work nicely in ramen, also boiled eggs)
  2. Step two: Put kimchi in it (adds a bit of spice and flavor)
  3. Step three: Put sliced cheese in it (American cheese works great!). Once it melts, it makes the noodles creamy. It sounds weird, but it’s actually good.
  4. Step four: Any type of leftover meat you have (fish usually works great, like salmon or trout)
  5.  Step five: If you have any vegetables (green onions work good, also literally any other vegetable) add them in

That’s it! Most of this is optional but necessary to eating good ramen. It does not require much work or any culinary skills, and it’s a nice meal for cold weather. This also teaches you how to not burn down your house.