The History of Esports


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Students playing video games.

If you think esports has only been around for a few years, you’re wrong! The foundation of video games was already laid in the late 50s and people started buying PCs and consoles. There have only been technological advancements of video games since the late 50s. Increasingly better hardware, graphics and expansion of the Internet around the world have helped cybersports develop into a major sport.

The early days of competitive computer games date back to 1952. At that time, computer scientist Alexander Shafto Douglas was working on his doctoral thesis on the interaction between humans and computers in Cambridge University and came up with the idea of implementing the game tic-tac-toe on all computers.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Nintendo had also recognized the phenomenon of competition and organized the “Nintendo World Championships” in the USA. The winners of the competition, which was held in three age categories, received golden Nintendo gaming modules. This was the start of esport tournaments. Thanks to developments in South Korea, the first “World Cyber Games” (WCG) were held in Seoul in 2000. In 2003, the first Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) was played in Poitiers, France. The so-called “Grand Final” of this tournament was played in Paris in the summer.  Esports encourages kids to do something they love, and are good at in return for large sums of money. 

“Most parents think video games are a waste of time, and are useless, but they are wrong. As a member of Canyon Vista esports club, I can vouch that esports is a way for kids to socialize, and build up teamwork and leadership skills. Video games teach kids how to be creative, adventurous while they have fun.” Bhavaksh Kumar (6), a member of the CVMS ESports club said.

In almost 70 years of computer gaming history, esports has now established itself in many countries around the world. As a result, prize money has increased significantly, events are growing every year, and even esports betting is offered. From a small niche, it has become a multimedia billion-dollar market that is now attracting many investors.