Which Fine Arts Elective Is Better?

Erith Won, Reporter

Previously, I published an article on if orchestra was better or if band was better. After going around and asking students in other electives which was better, I came to the conclusion that the students thought band was better. However, when taking another poll with all of the fine arts electives this time, the results were totally different. Why? Because orchestra won by a landslide.

There were 64 responses, and orchestra had exactly half of that, with 32 votes. Next up was band, with 18 votes (28.1%), then art, with 7 votes (10.9%). Choir was next with 4 votes(6.3%) and theatre was last with 3 votes(4.7%).

However, just because theatre was last doesn’t mean that it’s worse than orchestra, and orchestra may not necessarily be the best. Maybe it just appealed to more people this time! Theatre is for those who like or a want to act, and choir is for those that want to be in something musically, but not with an instrument. So, which elective would you choose?