Updated Behind The Scenes of the Canyon Echoes Broadcast

Austin Nguyen, Reporter

Every morning, Canyon Echoes now does the morning announcements for the school. Before, Mrs. Hagerty used to say everything, but she passed down the torch to us, the students. Personally, I think that this is a good idea because the students are who the announcements are targeted at, so why not let them make the announcements. But not everyone knows how the announcements are made. Here’s an updated behind the scenes of the Canyon Echoes Broadcast!


Here in the studio, Nathan Pooler films the announcements, and runs everything. He always sets up the broadcast and the cameras, while the two anchors sit down and rehearse the script. The script is on a monitor that shows everything that must be shown. Along with the monitor, we have two lights to make the video look better, a green screen, and a RODE microphone. Nathan wears a headset to hear everything we say, while looking at the screen on the camera to make sure everyone is in frame. We also have a setup with different screens that show the live broadcast, what is being filmed, the computer being used, and any other information.


For the script, Mrs. Sharpe gets emails sent from anyone from the school that wants something said. From teachers, to students promoting their clubs, Mrs. Sharpe puts all the requests into one script and sends them to Nathan. Nathan selects the joke of the day, along with any last minute things. Then, its time to film.


Both anchors sit down and rehearse the script, making sure they understand everything they say. Sometimes, we go over it once of twice to make sure. Nathan makes sure that everyone is in frame and is heard clearly. We then make the room quiet to film to make sure the audio is clear.


When we start filming, there are sometimes mess ups. From reading the script wrong, to just laughing at the joke, we try to edit everything out If something is too severe, than we re shoot everything to make sure its good to be shown to the school. We first shoot the announcements, than we film any thing we messed up on, and than the weather. When all is done, we send the SD card to the person who is editing everything.


When everything is done, we start editing everything. We first add all the clips together, than we put the intro with all the music necessary. We then add the Canyon Echoes logo, and the background for the green screen. We edit out all the mess ups, and the laugh tracks. Here, if we still see any thing that is bad, or that needs to be fixed, then we re shoot. After everything, we out the conclusion, and we hit export.


When we post, we put it on YouTube because it is the easiest to access for everyone. The next day, it is shown to everyone in the entire school.

Final Thoughts

Over the past couple of months, Canyon Echoes has seen a major upgrade. We now have a new desk, more cameras for shooting, a live feed, and more! With all these upgrades, it makes the announcements much better, while keeping it fun. “I like just talking to the camera and telling people what is happening in the school.” Keshav Laxminarasimhan (8) said.

We hope you now know more about what goes in the morning announcements!