Jammin’ In the Cafeteria

Jammin' In the Cafeteria

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Ariel Sun, Reporter

We all have to eat or else we will starve, right? Since school is seven-ish hours long, we have to eat or else we will not participate and do well in class. But, obviously, the teachers and staff here will no tolerate bad behavior in the cafeteria while we eat, so they decided to start a system where we get to listen to music in the cafeteria if we have “good behavior” in the lunchroom during the week. This is a new privilege that the teachers have not given to us students before. There are some rules, though.

  1. “It (the song) has to be school appropriate meaning absolutely no cursing’, drug related, themes. For the most part if the song is played on the radio and I can find a fully clean version, it can be played,” Mr. Joshua Haney, special education teacher, said.
  2. If we have bad behavior during the week, we do not get the privilege of listening to music.
  3. The song must be able to be played on Spotify.
  4. Mr. Haney only takes the top ten requests each week.

These are all fairly simple rules that we can al follow very easily. If we don’t follow these rules, the privilege may be completely taken away or just be taken away for that week.

Not everyone likes this privilege , though. Many students actually want this to be taken away, which is kind of ironic considering this is supposed to be like a prize. Most of the people I sit with at lunch HATE listening to the music that people have requested. Occasionally there will be a song that they like, or at least don’t hate, but this is very, very rare. I do not know if this new prize should be taken away, but I do know that not everyone loves this new privilege.

Let’s see how long music in the cafeteria will last!