Wonder : Movie Review

Ruth Martin, Reporter

Wonder is a new film by director Stephen Chbosky based on the 2012 novel by R.J. Palacios. Starring Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, this inspiring movie has grossed over $70 million world-wide. The movie was perfectly scripted and portrayed a beautiful story which brought the audience to tears by the end of it.

The story is about Auggie Pullman, a 10-year-old boy with “craniofacial difference” or facial deformities and how he enters an elementary school after being home schooled his entire life. His journey really pulls the audience in and makes the movie unique from the rest.

This heartwarming story was inspired when the author, R.J Palacios had a real-life encounter with her own kids. It all started when she was with her kids at an ice-cream store and her 3-year old son started crying after seeing a little girl with severe facial deformity. In fear, Palacios took her kids and left that very moment. She was trying to save the girl from being offended but then realized she was behaving stereotypical and fleeing the place might have been more offensive that she had hoped for. Palacio told National Public Radio that “I was really angry at myself afterward for the way I had responded,” she admits. “What I should have done is simply turned to the little girl and started up a conversation and shown my kids that there was nothing to be afraid of. But instead what I ended up doing was leaving the scene so quickly that I missed that opportunity to turn the situation into a great teaching moment for my kids. And that got me thinking a lot about what it must be like to … have to face a world every day that doesn’t know how to face you back.”

The book was on The New York Times Best Selling List and was also on the Texas Bluebonnet Award master list. They also won tons of awards from other states, making the book extremely popular nationwide.  The movie “Wonder” is truly an uplifting and touching movie that shows the reality of our world, and how we can try to be better people as a whole.