Is the iPhone X is Worth Getting?


Keshav Laxminarasimhan, Reporter

The iPhone X, Apple’s new phone release, has been extremely popular over the last few months since it came out.The main question that people who don’t have the iPhone X is “Is the iPhone x worth getting”. Well, you have to wait until the end of my article to find out.(THIS IS ALL OPINIONATED, MEANING THIS IS ONLY AN OPINION.DON’T GET MAD AT ME).


A11 Bionic Chip Processor

The iPhone X has been a craze ever since it came out a couple months ago.Some of the new features are pretty big changes since the iPhone 6.For one Apple added the A11 bionic chip to the iPhone X, which is the fastest processor known to man.The A11 features an Apple-designed 64-bit ARMv8-A six-core CPU, with two high-performance cores at 2.39 GHz, called Monsoon, and four energy-efficient cores, called Mistral. The A11 uses a new second-generation performance controller, which permits the A11 to use all six cores simultaneously, unlike its predecessor the A10. The A11 also integrates an Apple-designed three-core graphics processing unit (GPU) with 30% faster graphics performance than the A10.

Another new feature that has been newly added to the iPhone X is the new redesign.With that new redesign comes the much-anticipated face ID and the all new 5.8 inch Super Retina screen which dazzles many of the viewers.Apple also introduced rounded edges to the iPhone X which makes the design so much better.The new design also includes water and dust resistance and the most durable glass on the front and back (surgical-grade stainless steel). The iPhone X also has wireless charging like the apple watch.Image result for iphone x

The first OLED screen that rises to the standards of iPhone, with accurate, stunning colors, true blacks, high brightness, and a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.Both rear cameras have optical image stabilization and fast lenses for outstanding photos and videos even in low light.The iPhone X’s sensors sense 50 of your face’s muscles and bring to you Animoji. With that, you can turn yourself into a cat, robot, or even a monkey.

Bluetooth 5.0

The last big feature that was added to the iPhone X was Bluetooth 5.0.With the launch of Bluetooth 5, technology continues to evolve to meet the needs of the industry as the global wireless standard for simple, secure connectivity. With 4x range, 2x speed and 8x broadcasting message capacity, the enhancements of Bluetooth 5 focus on increasing the functionality of Bluetooth for the IoT. These features, along with improved interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies, continue to advance the IoT experience by enabling simple and effortless interactions across the vast range of connected devices.

Honestly, I don’t think the iPhone X is worth what it’s priced as, even though all those features make it unique and cool.Even though Apple said it has the strongest glass in any phone, it has glass on the back of the phone which makes it more vitreous also the new IOS restricts a lot of stuff you can do on the iPhone X.That’s why I don’t think the iPhone X is worth cost. (Whether you like the iPhone X or not it is your opinion,I have no right to say whether you’re right or wrong.)


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