Wellness Wednesday: Strawberry Banana Milkshake Recipe

You get home from a long, hard day of school, and you’re exhausted and starving. So of course you head straight to the kitchen. After searching low and high for a decent snack you finally come up with two choices: your favorite potato chips or a banana. Which one do you choose?

These ingredients create a delicious afternoon snack. Photos by Kavyaa
These ingredients create a delicious afternoon snack. Photos by Kavyaa

When giving the choice, most people would choose the chips over anything healthy. Obesity is on the rise from the amount of junk food being consumed. Did you know that each day, one in four Americans visit a fast food restaurant? Also, according to studies, 60% of all Americans are overweight. Our generation simply prefers the tasty choice over the healthy choice.

The obvious solution to this grave obesity problem is to find a snack that is both healthy and delicious. If you are trying to find a delectable and wholesome concoction, here is a scrumptious recipe that will make your taste buds dance!

This family milkshake recipe is a healthy drink for many reasons. The strawberries are a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C, and manganese. Bananas have Vitamin B6, manganese, Vitamin C, Potassium, Dietary Fiber, Protein, Magnesium, Folate, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, and Iron. If you choose to add the sliced almonds, that’s even better because they are full of Riboflavin, Magnesium, Manganese and Vitamin E. To make it even healthier, instead of ice cream, you can substitute a nice scoop of yogurt.