The Star Wars Characters of the NFL


After the eighth Star Wars movie came out, people have had rave reviews of the new movie. With new, exciting, characters while still staying true to the old ways, it really is a smash hit. But who are the Finn and Kylo Ren of the NFL? Let’s take a look:

Luke Skywalker: Tom Brady

Good guy gone lost, Brady once held the keys to the galaxy. Now, at 40, he is reluctant to give them up to the younger generation and is still winning enough to earn his keep. But he needs to realize that his time is up, sooner than anyone may think.

Rey: Carson Wentz

The future of the rebel alliance, Wentz is leading his bad-boy flight squad to first in the division (and the conference). Now, a major setback has come his way in the form of a shredded-up knee ligament, but he is ready to fight to come back better than ever before.

Finn: Todd Gurley II

When all seems lost and gone, Finn finds something that changes things for the better. When the Rams think that their game is lost, Todd Gurley runs like a bat out of h-e-double hockey sticks and puts the good guys back into the mix. You’ll never find a man with this good a mix of drive, ideas, and adrenaline rushes.

Poe: Odell Beckham Jr.

When they get going, they get going. Always dedicated to the cause, these speedy flankers never deny the chance to be flashy. And the boys do it well, and they get the love.

Ky-lo Ren: Joey Bosa

Bosa is a bad, bad man, like Ren. Every single day, he eats o-tackles for breakfast and quarterbacks for lunch. But the ultimate goal: take down the good guys and bring upon himself the spoils of being the conqueror of the galaxy (or the NFL).