New Breakfast Cart

Alexia Clamou, Reporter

On Jan.22 the school launched a new feature : The breakfast cart

The breakfast cart will serve breakfast under the bust canopy. The price of the food will remain the same, and if you have a reduced or free breakfast it will stay the same so no worries.

There won’t only be breakfast served…there will also be some snacks like chips, pop-tarts and rice krispies. Only milk and juice will be served in the cart. You will have the choice to eat either under the bus canopy or in the cafeteria but either way, you need to pick up your trash so for that there will be extra trash cans.

There is absolutely no eating in the hallways or in the classrooms.You won’t even need to bring cash outside because you can pay with your ID! The cart will be right next to the 7th-grade hallway door. See the cafeteria manager for any questions you may have.