Interview with Powder Puff Coach Henry Garza


Andrew Bailey: Is this your first time coaching the Powder Puff Game?
Henry Garza: This is my fourth year coaching the game, but my first time being the head coach.

AB: What is your favorite part of coaching?
HG: My favorite thing about coaching is when we actually practice something and then we execute it in a game, it feels really good. Like when we scored the two-point conversion with a pass, and Desi (Davalos) caught it, it felt really good because we had worked on it in practice and then we went out and did it.

AB: What side of the ball do you like more?
HG: I like offense more because I like to try to come up with ways to score. I like the creative part of trying to make plays to score. When I coached high school football, I was a defensive coach. And I’m probably better at defensive coaching. I just like the creative part more.

AB: Is it harder to be a Powder Puff coach or a high school coach?
HG: I think it’s harder because most of the girls have never played organized football before, so it’s like a whole new game to them.

AB: Are your plays that you use in the Powder Puff game similar to the ones you used as a coach?
HG: The plays that we ran this year were just very basic plays, but they were easy to execute and worked. I think it is better if you can execute the basics right it is more successful than if you try a trick play and mess it up.

AB: Did you have any trick plays?
HG: Well, we didn’t practice anything, but if we were losing and we needed to try something to get a touchdown or a big yard play and fool the other team, I had some ideas in my head.

AB: How did you create your teams to make them successful?
HG: One thing that I really, really wanted to make sure was everyone played a lot and we still were in a position to win the game. Sometimes in sports it’s just like put the best eleven people out there and let them play, but if you are creative with what you do with your offense and your defense than you can make a game where everyone plays a lot in an actually meaningful role.

AB: What was your favorite part of the game?
HG: My favorite part of the game was that we were able to raise a lot of money for a meaningful charity and that there was a really competitive game, and that everyone was able to get out on the field and have fun. And also that we won the game!