Party Games: Charades Ver


Erith Won, Reporter

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One of the worst things to do for a birthday is watching a movie. I mean, sure it’s fun, but it isn’t that engaging and everyone is just sitting around just watching a screen. Of course, if you want to show a movie at your birthday party, then go ahead! It’s your choice after all. But, in the case that you want to have other activities, then you’re in luck.

First up on the list is charades. This is a game that uses close to no materials and there is no doubt that everyone will join in.

This is just one way to play it, as there are a few variations, including charades apps.


  • Something to write with
  • Paper
  • At least 4 people


  • Make two teams(there can actually be more than two if you want). It’s okay if you have an odd number. One person can always be a referee or they can play if they want, too. Now get an outsider(a parent maybe) or the odd person out and ask them to write something on the paper. Nouns or actions are the easiest. Books, movies, food, and animals are examples.
  • One team then picks one person to guess what the word is.
  • That person must turn away from the word and their teammates have to get the person to guess the word, without using the word in any way(no sign language, writing it down, etc.) You can try to describe the word or act it out.
  • Keep the score on a piece of paper and alternate between the two teams every few turns(or every one turn, it’s your choice)

Have fun!

Photo Credit: FatChicken Studios