Book Review: All These Things I’ve Done


Margaux Deveze, Reporter

Spoiler Alert: Deadly chocolate

Chocolate is a contraband, caffeine is illegal. The city is filled with crime. Anya is the sixteenth daughter of the most powerful (and dead) crime boss in the city. After her father’s death, she is left to fend for herself and take care of her dying grandmother, her older brother’s delicate health and her little sister. Even though she tries to make herself small no one ever forgets that she is the daughter of a Mafia family. One day Anya accidentally ends up in the middle of a murder investigation. All the sudden Anya is sent in the spotlight; at school, in the city, and in her family.

As she is not used to this kind of lifestyle Anya will have to learn to fight against the upcoming accusations. To protect her family she will have to make people believe she is like her father in a certain way- smart, cautious and skilled. But she isn’t in some others way. Anya doesn’t kill people because she hates them. She will only take out the gun to protect her family. Between her family, her friends and her new ally boyfriend Anya is drowning in the horror. Will she succeed or will she be forced to let her family go?

The “Birthright” trilogy written by Gabrielle Zevin is a masterpiece. With a fairly easy reading level, she explains the advantages of a privileged family and how your reputation can be affected because of that. I really liked this book because of the unique story of Anya. Authors usually have to make an environment for their characters but in this boo,k Gabrielle Zevin also had to build a whole government which is very impressive. A must read trilogy composed of “all these things I’ve done”, ” Because it is my blood”, and “In the age of love and chocolate”.

So next time you are looking for a book ask your librarian for “All These Things I’ve Done”!