Discord vs Google Hangouts


Ariel Sun, Reporter

Not all middle schoolers have phones. Those who do not have phones or have friends who do not have often use chatting sites that can be used on a computer. Two of these sites/apps are Google Hangouts and Discord. Both have contradicting strengths and weaknesses. Which website is better?

Both need an email to activate. Google Hangouts needs a Gmail, while Discord just needs an email of any kind. Hangouts often lags, but it is much less complicated. Discord had many functions and takes a while to get used to. On Hangouts you can text, chat, and call but it often lags and crashes a lot. Discord does not lag very often and it has very good voice and video call quality. Some of the many functions are that you can delete texts/comments, you can edit your own texts/comments, and on group chats you can be ranked up. Those who are ranked up have special privileges such as being able to delete/add people and being able to delete and edit comments.

While on a computer, Hangouts is accessible from a website. To use Discord on a computer, you must download an app. If you do not use the app and just use the website, it often lags, voice and video calls don’t work, and sometimes it glitches. The Hangouts website is very simple and is very easy to use. Discord is rather complex, and it need some getting used to.

Both Discord and Google Hangouts are very good websites. It is your own opinion at which one is better or worse. They both work as chatting sites and are both relatively safe. Have fun chatting!!