Yanny or Laurel?


The earth is divided.

Friendships have been broken.

All because of a single audio clip that people hear differently.

The audio clip comes from Vocabulary.com, and was under the definition for laurel. But when a student heard the audio clip for “Laurel”, she heard “Yanny”. Katie Hetzel, the student, said of the incident, “I thought I was losing it, I clicked the audio button to tell me a word to spell and I hear ‘Yanny’ and I was like, this isn’t one of my vocabulary words.” The high school freshman posted her findings on Instagram. Soon enough, the internet worked its magic and the debate turned explosive. It all depends on the person, whether you hear Laurel or Yanny.

So Is it Yanny or Laurel? Let’s hear it.

So what do you hear? Yanni or Laurel? Some say you hear it differently depending on the device or speaker you listening to the sound through. While the writers of this article believe the clip says Yanny, tons of people hear Laurel. “People who are more attuned to the high frequencies are picking up on things that make it sound more like Yanny. If you’re not picking up on those higher frequencies then it sounds more like Laurel,” explained linguist Ben Zimmer. So it’s pretty confusing. The higher frequency of this clip says “Yanni” but the lower frequency, says “Laurel.”

So what do you think the voice says? Let us know in the comments.