Top 6 Weirdest Movie Sequels

Oliver Barnfield, Cool Guy/Entertainment Editor

Sequels can be great. Sometimes, not so much. And sometimes they can be straight-up weird.

Without much further ado, let’s dive into the top 5 weirdest, most out of place, sequels ever.

6. The entire Silence of The Lambs series

Silence of The Lambs is a classic thriller that has a rather confusing history when it comes to sequels. Originally a character in a series of books by Thomas Harris, the first film to star the character of Hannibal Lecter (the classic villain of the franchise, played by Anthony Hopkins) was 1986’s Manhunter, but it featured Brian Cox as Hannibal Lecter instead of Hopkins.

In 1991, the book series was adapted into another movie, this time called Silence of The Lambs, with Hopkins playing the role. Of course, it was hugely successful, and spawned a sequel, called Hannibal.

In 2002, a prequel called Red Dragon, this time a sort of remake of Manhunter was made, directed by studio hack Brett Ratner. Then, in 2007, a prequel to the prequel, called Hannibal Rising, was released, and since then, the movie franchise has lain dormant since.

Wow, that was complicated. In short, there’s more to this series than initially meets the eye.

5. Halloween 3: Season of The Witch

The Halloween movies are pretty straightforward. The first three movies were about a creepy guy named Micheal Myers who stabs people. And then along came the 3rd movie, about an insane Irish warlock who stole Stonehenge and is using it to turn peoples faces into bugs when they watch TV. Pretty far removed from plot of the first two.

The movie has an awesome poster, too, as well as a kickin’ soundtrack.

But Halloween 3 is so bonkers that it’s pretty good. While it was hated when it was released, It’s now been re-evaluated and has been praised for its unique story and creepy atmosphere.

4. Batman and Robin

The most famous movie on this list, this movie ruined Batman as a movie franchise until Chris Nolan picked it back up in 2005. It’s full of ice puns, bad sets, and horrible acting. Don’t watch this movie unless you want to get nauseous, or if you want to experience an exercise in pain.

3. Jaws 3D

The original Jaws is pretty hard to replicate. It doesn’t really lend itself to multiple sequels, being a pretty one-note premise. And yet they kept on churning out crappy follow-out after crappy follow-up. This was the 2nd bad sequel produced, and this time it was in awful 3D! Featuring horrible special effects galore.

2. The Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace

The original Lawnmower Man is pretty mediocre, but at the time it had revolutionary special effects. This sequel didn’t have any of the same actors and had extremely BAD special effects. A common trend on this list, eh?

1. Son of The Mask

Here it is. The weirdest, and one of the worst, sequels of all time. The original The Mask movie was a zany, funny, and cartoonish romp starring Jim Carrey. The original replaced him with professional jerk Jamie Kennedy and ramped up the “cartoony” element to 11. This movie features some absolutely unfunny gross-out gags, some unintentionally horrifying special effects, and some incredibly loud and obnoxious sound design.

Just look at this sadistic and creepy scene that looks like it came straight from a horror movie.

Son of The Mask is a truly bad movie, and it’s also an awful sequel.