What Does It Take To Be in the Natural’s program?


Margaux Deveze, Reporter

Spoiler Alert: This will not end well.

You may remember a previous book review on “The Naturals” posted in March. After reading the fourth book of the series I decided to write more about this book but focusing more on the consequences of the job on the main character-Cassie Hobbes. I would like to say before you start reading that all the things I will be writing below are all taken from the Naturals series and that I do not actually know how this works in real life-extra support may be given.

Cassie Hobbes can profile, that means she is able to determine from the looks actions and expressions of a person the type of life and feelings they have. When she profiles, she gets in the head of the victim or the killer. Cassie gets automatically in the head of the victim first which I think is something she does on purpose. Why? Very simply to keep herself away from the killer the longest. Murderers are most likely people with mental health problems and a hard past. But that is not for all murderers. Cassie has seen so far normal people who murder others for power. Power is a dangerous emotion. Too less of it can make you long for some but that is not as dangerous as having a lot of power. Because then you want more, too much. In each and every book of “The Naturals” I have seen trouble with power and anger. So when Cassie gets in the head of a killer she will be not only thinking but also feeling the same things as the person’s skin she has infiltrated. The hardest part isn’t when you are in the killer’s head but when you have to get out. If you have nobody to pull you back you will be stuck thinking like someone else. You will become obsessed with the tricky mind you are in. I think you need a lot of support to be able to be a profiler. It takes so much psychologically that you the little parts left of yourself you have to take care of them. That is one thing that isn’t accurate in “The Naturals”. The characters, honestly, don’t have the support needed to make it through. I wouldn’t be surprised if they become the killers themselves. I don’t know about you but this, just cannot, end well.