How Much Food Can You Get Around the World For Only a Dollar


Different Places around the world serve different things and every country has different currency. Some currency may be more than others and some may be less than others. Here is a list of what one US dollar can get you around the world.

Japan: Snickers Bar










Tanzania: Chipsi Mayai (potato omelet)


David Houldershaw










USA: New York slice of Pizza


Slice of freshly baked pizza isolated on white background, top view
















Peru: Aji de Gallina (chicken dish in sauce)











Nepal: 10 Momo Dumplings














Hong Kong: Can of Coke














United Kingdom: A loaf of bread









Hungary: Kurtkoskalacs pastry








South Korea: Vegetable Kimbap Roll







Dubai: Shwarma














Russia: 2 pounds of potato










France: baguette













Canada: lettuce head














North Korea: A bottle of milk









Italy: an expresso











India: A full meal