What If The World Did Not Have Movies To Watch?

Ayan Momin, Reporter

We all love to go watch movies. We go just for free time, you just want to find out a way to leave home, or to get away from stress. We have a lot of reasons to go to movies, but has anyone realized what the world would be like without movies.

Here are 3 experiences that would happen to people in the world without movies:

With no movies, people would have a lot of extra saved money that they would have used for movies because movies don’t cost a lot but people go so much, an estimated amount of how much people spend on movies in a year is about $700 to $800. With the money you saved you could buy whatever you want.

If movies were not a thing, people would have no emotions because, for me, movies are the thing that gives me happiness, sadness and more emotions. I think movies are the best way to express your emotions, and people might feel the same, just like you. So I think without movies people would not be able to express their emotions. That’s a con.

Movies help find new friends that may share traits you have, such as things you like to do or your hobbies. Especially if you feel like you are very socially awkward, and can’t makes friends. If you ever go to watch a movie you like, you might be able to find people like you who like the movie like you, and you might be able to make friends with them.

So movies have pros and cons, but in general, without movies to watch, people would be sad to not having something that brings so much joy. I’m all for movies.