Student Opinion On Fortnite

Silas Ou, Reporter

According to PC games, Fortnite has now been downloaded more than 140 million times …

Aarnavv Chitari (7) was asked some questions about the popular game.

Q: What do you believe is the future of Fortnite?

A: It’ll be popular for a few more years, and then people will become bored and play a new trendy game.

Q: If you had to remove a gun what will it be?

A: The hand cannon because of its a lame excuse for a ranged weapon. What I mean is that everything it excels at, some gun does better.

Q: If you were to add an LTM what would it be and what would it be called?

A: One where you can’t kill each other with guns and you could only hold 100 of each material. You can only kill people with pickaxes and the only item you could pick up/use would be impulse grenades that send you flying. It would be called Axe Mania

Q:  What is your opinion on 50v50/Soaring 50’s?

A: It’s a good way to complete challenges because 49 people are watching your back. It’s also an easy way to feel good by getting 10 kills or an easy win.

Q: Should Epic protect their code more to prevent leaking?

A:  No, because the unprotected code generates hype and they can make fake code to trick people like they did with the meteor in Season 3.

Q:  What is your favorite LTM?

A: Playground

Q: What is the best Fortnite E-Sports team and why?

A:  TSM because their roster has so many talented players like High Distortion, Myth, Daequan, and Dark. But in the future, FaZe will be better because Ninja is rumored to be joining them soon. They also have Tfue and Cloakzy.

Q: Last question, do you know the wae?

A: Uhhhhhhhh…



And that concludes our interview, thank you for answering our rapid-fire question session. I hope you enjoyed this article.