Ehan Umatiya, Reporter

Memes are the best thing ever created in my opinion. These things go from kazoo kid to E and these memes are the greatest art form since art and memes are my best friends. So, enjoy this edition of meme review!

Howard The Alien

Howard the alien is my meme of the week and I feel as if it is THE SPICIEST BOI OF THE WEEK and I would give this meme a solid  💯this meme is perfection in every aspect such as; The bass boosted money longer and the amazing dance. This meme can also be edited in so many different ways such as making him come out of a closet or making the noise of footsteps and overplaying oh hello there from Shrek. This meme is overall a good meme and I give it a perfect score.


Ah, the gamecube this old piece of tech had an extremely unique intro which has been warped by meme lords such as Dolan Dark and the highly underrated Dr. Grandayyy these guys have taken it to an extreme making sophisticated figures such as Howard the alien and the Ali-A intro. This meme is a very nice nostalgic meme that can be morphed into so many amazing things and will never get old. This meme is also great because any meme can be merged with it seamlessly without a hitch. I would rate this meme a solid  💯 out of 5.


This meme is an amazing meme that was created when the great Lord Farquaad and Markiplier. This meme consists of Lord Farquaad laying on a bed, soon something will happen Lord Farquaad will turn with Markiplier’s square face and there will be a freeze frame and the letter E will be bass boosted and the screen will turn red. This meme is also great because it too can be merged with another meme and the meme will work. Although the meme is dying out I would still not hesitate to use it and I still rate it E out of 3.


That is it for this week although look out for our video edition.