Songs Everyone Knows

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Songs Everyone Knows

Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

You know those songs that everybody screams the lyrics to at social events? These are the songs that everyone knows. That means you! You don’t know how, but somehow you know all the lyrics- at least the ones in the chorus.

So here are a few of the songs that everyone knows:

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1. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

‘Just a small town girl…’ This 80’s classic is one that you’ll never forget. It was featured on the TV show Glee a total of five times as well as multiple movies. Unlike some other popular songs, barely anyone cringes at the sound of this song’s opening riff.

2. Let it Go from Frozen

Barely two notes need to be played before you recognize this song. With a range of F3 to Eb5, nobody can sing this song quite like Idina Menzel – But everyone tries to. As loud as they possibly can. Your ears are guaranteed to be ringing by the time this song is over.

3. Single Ladies by Beyonce

Ah, yes, the classic ballad for those who are more lonely than they care to admit. Single or no, every girl drops everything to dance to this song.

4. Happy by Pharell Williams

This song rose in popularity after being featured in the sequel to the 2010 animated movie, Despicable Me. It’s got a good beat to dance to and a catchy tune, so really it’s no wonder why everyone knows this song.

5. Barbie Girl by Aqua

While you may not know exactly who the writer of this song is, or recognize any of their other songs, ‘Barbie Girl’ is a song that you definitely know a phrase or two of. Do the words ‘I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world’ bring anything to mind?

6. Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Yes, you’ve heard many different variations of the lyrics to this 80s song. But the fact remains that you still know the lyrics, no matter how many times you’ve sung ‘Lemon and a Pear’.


While you may not know the first verse, the second, or even any of these song’s verses, you still know the chorus. And really, isn’t that all you need to know? At the end of the day, your voice will still be sore from screaming these songs at the top of your lungs.