How School Should Be

The typical school year is 180 days long, and a typical day at Canyon Vista MS is seven hours long. What do a lot of students around the world look forward to? Summer vacation! And it’s not just because of the weather. It’s because that summer is a period of time where we don’t have school. This brilliant period of time is only 3 months long. This should be different.

What kids want is an extended summer vacation. In total, we are in school for 1260 hours a year. That is about 52.5 full days. Imagine if school was 12 hours long. That would give us 105 days of school every year. But what if we of rid of weekends. I know what you’re thinking. Why?? Here’s why. Because then we would only have 15 weeks of school. Rather than a full 36 weeks of school, we are cutting the duration by 21 weeks. That gives us 37 weeks of vacation from school. If we were to start school on the first of June, our school would be over by the 7th of September, letting the students stay home for “Yearly Break” which is 37 weeks long.

Of course, you might also be wondering about the homework? With school ending so late, there would not be time for homework. That’s why there would be homework time in school. The last period of the day would be homeroom. You would have an hour and a half at the end of the day to just chill or do homework. Each class would be 78- 79 minutes long, instead of the usual 50-55 minutes.

Finally, teachers would also benefit from this. Teachers are very overworked, having to plan for every day of the year. This would also allow teachers to have to plan for a lot fewer days, and they would also have more vacation.