Top 10 Games That (Most Likely) Nobody Knows About

This post only makes me want to eradicate fortnite more so. That way people will leave their caves and start playing games that aren’t trash.


Andrew Watson, Reporter

OK then, here we go!


Keep in mind, this isn’t in any order, it’s just some of my favorite games.

  1. Dying Light

I take parkour lessons, therefore I love parkour. Either that, or my parents forced me into it. (Not really though) So, Dying Light is a game that seems to merge Zombie Survival With Mirrors Edge. In a zombie-infested environment, the only method of escaping is to climb, jump, and get off the ground. I love this game because of the amazing storyline, the amazing graphics, the MUSIC, and the fact that the game goes on sale every 10 days or so. You play as Kyle Crain, an operative hired by the GRC to find a cure for the virus and take down one of the factions holding the zombie infected city of Harran.

2. Detroit: Become Human

This game is a lot more widely known, but no one really bothered to play it when the rise of Fortnite began. (Unfortunately) This is what I consider the best “Choose your own Story” games I have ever seen. The graphics, the positive messages, the fact that we could possibly make the exact same mistakes as the people in Detroit: Become Human, EVERYTHING. The game takes place from three perspectives: Kara, an Android with maybe a little too much sentience and free will, Markus, a caretaker Android living with his owner, an old painter named Carl, And Connor, an Android built to help police investigate Deviants, Androids with free will.

3. Deep Rock Galactic

This game doesn’t have much of a story to it, but it’s really fun to play. It’s like one of those endless games that never get old. You are recruited to mine some ores in a galactic federation known as Deep Rock. So it plays like a first-person shooter, but it’s really more than that in my opinion, it’s like one of those open world games. There always will be an objective, but half the time you don’t wanna pay attention to it and do your own thing.

4. A Hat In Time

I haven’t exactly finished this game, but I LOVE it. I feel that Mario Odyssey drew all the fans to it while a Hat in Time had the idea FIRST! It’s entirely UNFAIR! A Hat in Time is WAY more fun too! It basically plays like Mario, but its feel is entirely different, Mario odyssey really felt rushed in my opinion, but a hat in time felt more smooth and thought out. You play as a little girl known as “Hat Girl” and you fly a spaceship around. UNTIL… the mafia come to your spaceship and demand you pay a tax on their land, you refuse, and he knocks a hole in your ship, sucking you out along with all your timepieces. So you run around mafia town and a bunch of other places, getting timepieces and making hats.

5. Just Cause 3

So in Just Cause 3, you play as Rico Rodriguez, a rebel preparing to free all of Medici From the hands of an evil dictator. You do that by… DESTROYING EVERYTHING. It’s a very fun game to do just whatever, and I love the feel of the location and the culture. It reminds me of where my grandparents live, Columbia. This game plays as a first person shooter with some parkour physics to it, but mainly just PURE AND HEARTLESS DESTRUCTION.

6. We Happy Few

This game is AMAZING! Its story, the gameplay, the LOOKS! So this game has an amazing storyline, in this timeline, Germany won WWII, which resulted in everyone being so depressed, people created some new anti-depression pills. VERY, VERY strong anti-depression pills. On top of that, they make you forget the past. So everyone takes these pills that make everything look overly happy, even though the REAL world is so sad, it’s actually HORRIFYING. So you have a society full of happy people that want to kill sad people, and you play as Arthur Hastings a guy who is off his “Joy” he suddenly remembers his brother and WWII. So he embarks on a journey to get out of Wellington Wells and find his brother as he escapes police, Joy doctors, and the people of Wellington Wells.

7. Death Road To Canada

Imagine the Oregon trail… Except you are going to Canada. Oh yeah, also it’s not the 1800s. Its NOW and the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAS STARTED. There is a lot of humor in this game, along with some pretty good music. In this game, you start in Floridian peninsula when the Apocalypse happens, and you get in a car, and drive on, there are supplies you need to take care of, along with members of the party. I can say this game is near impossible, but it is VERY fun.

8. The Last Of Us

This GAME… I LOVE IT. You play in a post-apocalyptic world where a new breed of spore in the air turns people into zombies. You play as Joel, a man who is trying to get a girl named Ellie to the firefly base for a cure. You run through a destroyed world, fighting zombies and bonding with Ellie. Do you get her to the fireflies? Well, that’s for me to know, and you to find out.

9. Broforce

This one’s kind of corny, but this game is really fun, I love the little puns on everybody’s names like RamBRO or BROmanndo, and the game just has this great feel to it, all the levels, the music, It’s actually a fairly good game! Also, there is a ton of gameplay! A lot more than expected! There is a story, but it’s not really big. It’s just killing terrorists.

10. Rise of the Tomb Raider/Tomb Raider (/Shadow of the Tomb Raider?)

I put all (three?) of these games because I knew I would never be able to decide between the two of them. I love both of these for the third person rule, the fact that it breaks the unspoken rule that only girls can be heroes, and the GAMEPLAY! I love the puzzles, the combat, the stealth, hunting, side quests, everything! I will say up front. IT’S WORTH THE $80 FOR BOTH OF THE GAMES. You play as Lara Croft, an explorer who, in short, is the female version of Indiana Jones. After years of not believing her father had the keys to possible unlimited riches, she now sets in multiple journeys, throughout snow, sands, rain, fog, MAGICAL CULTS, EVIL RUSSIANS, T R I N I T Y, You manage to (Usually,) come out on top.