Parov Stelar: King-O-Swing

(And i’m NOT talking about boxing!)


Step aside, Drake! Step aside Lil Pump! It’s time to meet the TRULY greatest songwriter of all time!

OK, with all you people listening to your dubstep, nightcore, and DRAKE… You have all ignored some of the BEST songs you’ll ever hear! (OK enough being salty). So, I have listened to a lot of stuff in my time. Amy Winehouse, which I liked, Drake, which I DESPISED, some dubstep, which wasn’t that good, and other stuff. Anyways, I used to just like electro style music. UNTIL… I ran into a better genre of music. Electro Swing. (You might call it throwback) In short, it’s combining old record songs and stuff, with modern day electronic music. I’m not about to talk about every type of song in the electro swing genre. I’m going to talk about ONE artist.


So, electro swing artist. Big deal. But what if I told you… he basically CREATED Electro Swing? That changes things. So Parov was one of the pioneers of electro swing. And, as I said before, people are more interested in the NEW genres of music, that they forget about some of the really good music back then. It mostly sits around music from the 30s and 4’s But, some of those songs also come from the 20s too. That’s the beauty of it. It can come from anywhere. The possibilities are endless!

Some people might not like it, but those are usually POP fans. (Ugh.) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I like electro swing. So… maybe you should explore new genres like ELECTRO SWING. When you were I have lived for 13 years, and this is possibly the best type of music I’ve heard in FOREVER. I really recommend you try it.

An Example of Electro Swing: