How I Draw Full Bodies

Have you ever wondered how to draw stylistic bodies?

First off, I’m not the dictator of everything art! So if this method doesn’t work for you/ fit your style then feel free to not use it! This is just my method, enjoy!


Step one: And POSE!

Draw your character’s head, then (the important part) draw the ribs! Keep in mind to not make the ribs too small in proportion to the head! or else the body will look weird.

Step two: Adding onto the ribs.

Now it’s time to add the stomach, hips, and measure where the legs and arms will go!

Step three: Got your measurements?

Time to draw the arms and legs! (Keep your previously made measurements in mind!)

Step four: Time for a fashion show!

Go crazy when you’re designing your character’s clothes! The sky’s the limit!

Step five: Great hair day

Now it’s time to add hair and facial features.

Step six: Ink and enjoy.

Color your lines, shade, color, and sit back and enjoy your masterpiece.

Design from the Blueycapsules wiki!