Every Reason Why there’s No Point to Valentines Day

One of the most unnecessary holidays.

Every Reason Why theres No Point to Valentines Day

Valentines day:

The holiday with literally no good point, reason, or historical significance.

The day to give chocolates, compliments, teddy bears, and pretty much anything under the sun to your lover. It’s a day to be all sappy and gooey for no reason at all other than the fact that it’s February 14th.

And to that, I say bah Lovebug.

Not only is there absolutely no point to the holiday other than sticking hearts everywhere, but it completely leaves out single people. So you’re probably thinking, oh, must just feel like a normal day for them, right? That doesn’t sound too bad! Or maybe they just celebrate regardless! Treating themselves, that sort of thing!

However, reality usually tends to have other plans for us.

Valentines day is the sort of day where you get every possible ‘couples’ sort of thing RUBBED in your FACE. It’s made to remind you that right now, there is NO-ONE there for you. But there’s a person for everyone else in the world! The holiday is so exclusively for couples that it’s a little bit sickening. What happened to just respecting the  fact that some people don’t have anyone yet? What about the people that don’t even WANT love?!?! It’s a little bit inconsiderate, and I suggest we make some sort of part of the holiday that can be celebrated by all- not just romance.

If you are single , there’s no point to the holiday other than decorating things with red and pink- and personally I think even that’s kind of meaningless.  I mean it is a cool holiday, and is unique from all the others- but the fact that It’s exclusive and pointless downgrade my respect for it quite a bit.


I must admit that the holiday isn’t ALL that bad…

After all- you do get to trade candy, and you can do any sort of valentines drawings; whether they be sweet ship art, or literally just heart-themed gore.

-a small warning to anyone who’s squeamish, I’m putting examples-

Other that, There’s no point. I don’t know what the heck everyone thinks the point is for single people, but I don’t really see it!

Regardless, have a happy Valentines day!