Johnny Johnny Yes Papa- The Internet Sensation

Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

All children’s songs are a little weird, you have to admit. But ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’ takes weird to the next level. This video is perhaps the creepiest video on the internet now. At the beginning of the video, we see Johnny opening the door and waddling into the kitchen. Johnny looks like a middle-aged bald man with the body of a 3-year-old child. His eyes are yellow, unblinking, and unmoving. The animation is choppy, and the music is strange (a hybrid of synth mood music and country music) Johnny then takes the sugar off of the counter and smiles. His teeth are also strange, with huge buck teeth in the front. The lid of the sugar container opens on its own. Johnny shovels four mounds of sugar into his mouth.

Enter Johnny’s father. Before the door opens, you see his hair, eyebrows, and mustache in front of the door. His hair looks fuzzy and weird. When he enters the room, you see that one of his eyes is bigger than the other, and only the pupil of the bigger eye moves. His teeth are far apart and jagged, seemingly protruding from different parts of the gum. His legs look like an octopus’s when he walks forward into the kitchen. Again, the animation is choppy. When you see Johnny’s father in profile, you can see that his nose is very long and very pointy. Then, his torso lengthens and stretches across the room until he is face to face with Johnny. He proceeds to start the song.

Johnny’s father’s voice is deep and creepy. Johnny’s voice is nasally and lower than it should be for a child of the age it seems as though they are trying to portray. When they are done speaking to one another, Johnny sticks the entire container of sugar into his mouth. Johnny’s father puts his arms out like a zombie, and his eyes become bloodshot, somehow making him creepier than he already was. He proceeds to chase Johnny around the kitchen in circles. Then, as if the video couldn’t get any weirder, all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen, as well as the refrigerator and oven doors, open and close on their own to the beat of the strange music.

After this, Johnny and his father have another exchange about Johnny eating the sugar. When it is done, Johnny burps out the top of the sugar container and it frisbees into his father’s forehead. The same exact chase scene from before the exchange takes place yet again. Then, a stream of weird, blocky silverware comes out of one of the drawers and circles around Johnny and his father as they continue to run in a circle. When they stop running, Johnny opens his mouth and the stream of silverware goes into it. Johnny closes his mouth and he and his father have an exchange about him eating the silverware, which his father watched him do, but Johnny still denies that he did it. When the exchange is over, Johnny burps out a fork which flies into his father’s forehead. Another chase scene ensues.

Then, a stream of small, fat pigs comes out of a lower cabinet. Like the silverware, the pigs circle around Johnny and his father before being eaten by Johnny. Then Johnny and his father have an exchange about him eating the pigs. When Johnny’s father says ‘Eating PIGS?!” His eyes turn into pigs and the background turns into a picture of a pig pen. This is only for the word ‘pigs’. After this exchange is over, Johnny burps out a pair of pig eyes and eyebrows. The eyes land on the floor. Then the pupils turn towards Johnny and his father and the eyebrows raise, and we see Johnny and his father from their point of view. All the cabinets open and close again. Then, we see Johnny and his father with pig heads for eyes and pig bodies instead of human bodies. They run around the room in a circle. This part of the video is probably the weirdest, which is saying a lot considering the video that it is in.

We cut back to normal Johnny, who is slowly opening his mouth as wide as he can. He puts his arms out like a zombie and stares at his father. The camera zooms in slowly on Johnny’s father’s face- and that’s where the video ends. What do you think happened to Johnny’s father?