The Dancing Pumpkin and the Ogres Plot Review (Spooky October Spectacular)


Evan Tucker, Reporter

Oh my god, this movie is terrifying. To fully captivate the images I’ve seen, I’ll create a gallery.


Plot time:

The Pumpkin General that goes by the name of The Dancing Pumpkin needs to stop an ogre from hurting kids with the Book of Hurt. I didn’t make this up. He goes on a journey with two kids, one speedy miniature pumpkin, and two big pumpkins with names that sound like an ancient Indian warrior; Thunderbellies.

These six adventures meet a gang of witches at the beginning of their journey. They kidnap the boy child and runoff. The rest of the gang all walk away from the situation and go to the underground pumpkin hideout. There, the Pumpkin King gives the girl child two amulets; one for her and one for her brother, boy child. This amulet can shoot sun energy which can kill the ogre. Meanwhile, the witches are having a two-minute long argument about whether they should eat the boy or use him as a slave. Now that I type this, I start to realize how dark this is for a TV-Y7. They keep him and he escapes in the next three minutes. When he escapes he rescues and befriends a starved French flying snake from captivity and they fly away as the witch has an overly dark death by water, with her last words being “Oh no, not this again!”

The boy meets up with a girl and the gang to go to the castle. Also on the boy’s way to find the girl, he meets two comical relief skeletons brothers that are there and think they’re the best and are egotistical. Reminds me of another set of skeleton brothers… So the new gang goes to the castle. They get trapped but escape. They do stupid stuff for a while and then fight the big baddie of it all… OGRE! The two thunder bellies open up the window curtains, yet the ogre jumps into the shade in just the right time. Then the girl child and boy child kill him with the two amulets and his skin melts off as they all laugh. Then they dance. Also, the dancing pumpkin dances twice and gives an abundance of dialogue.

Okay now it’s review time:

This movie premise is simple enough, right? Get the book and contain the happy. Unfortunately, the movie strives away from the simple premise so many times by adding new characters then and there. This movie was so rushed, it isn’t classified as a movie. It’s only 45 minutes long and took seventeen years to come out after the original movie. This movie adds a setting or character in one scene and then is forgotten five minutes later, such as a french snake who follows them on their journey and has about five lines of dialogue and only does one thing throughout his adventure. It contains shots that don’t need to be there, and the final battle lasts one minute. Every problem is resolved in the next three minutes and the animation is awful and I wasted 45 minutes of my sacred life watching this.

Special thanks to Oliver Barnfield for making the beautiful thumbnail. The Dancing Pumpkin is made by Silver Hammer Studios. Visit The Dancing Pumpkin website.