What Changes Should Be Made to CVMS?

What Changes Should Be Made to CVMS?

Ayan Momin, Reporter

CVMS, a great wonderful learning environment, filled with amazing teachers and students. And we’re right next to a beautiful canyon, what else can you ask for. But I’m pretty picky with what things I have, and what things I don’t have. So I will explain things I want CVMS to add.

One thing they should add to our school is more portables. We already have two portables, which is great, but I love to go outside, and last year I had Spanish in the portables, and I enjoyed the fact I was in a class outside, and I paid attention in class and did way better than when I was in my inside Spanish class. So I think more people would enjoy having more portable classes.

I also think that we should have a big theater room that is not in the lunchroom because then we can have way more props and have better plays with a bigger cast. And we can hold a bigger audience. I think we would have more students that would want to do theater. And a lot of parents would support the idea. And maybe we can be able to rent out the theater area to other people not part of the school, and we can get cash that can fund the campus. So I think adding a brand new theater room would be a great idea.

Another thing we should add to our school should be a car class. I believe that a car class would be better because there is a lot of kids that are very fascinated by just the automobiles, and they question how every part and piece work’s in a car. What makes it faster? How gas helps a car run? This class can help solve all the questions people have about cars, and they can learn more things about them.

Ehan Umatiya (8) said that he wanted to add nap time to everyone’s schedule. The reason he wanted to add nap time to CVMS was that in the morning if the school has 30 minutes of nap time, including the teachers, everyone will have enough stamina to last through the whole day. Right now in school in the morning kids and teachers are very tired and during the middle of the day, kids have more energy and are way more productive. Then at the end of the day kids are very tired and just can’t push themselves anymore, that’s when they have zero stamina, and they just want to go home. If we added nap time then in the morning there will be a lot of productivity and lots of work will be done, and at the end of kids will still have enough energy to keep on doing there work and not getting tired. So nap time would be very useful to our schedules.

In conclusion, we should add these four things to CVMS to make our lives at school better, and maybe make some money. Hopefully, students and staff help me make these changes added to the school. Make CVMS a better place.