5 Musicals That Are Totally Basic


Recently, a lot of people have been getting into some of the newer musicals that have gone to Broadway. So naturally, there a few that even the fake musical nerds should know. Here are some of the totally basic musicals that made the cut.

1. Hamilton

Hamilton is the obvious choice for number one- it’s the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda that sells seats for over a thousand dollars, even after it’s been running for almost two years. Everyone that knows any musical knows Hamilton.

2. Dear Evan Hansen

While Dear Evan Hansen doesn’t sell for quite as much as Hamilton, it’s almost as basic as the latter. ‘Sincerely Me’ is one of the most iconic songs in Dear Evan Hansen, among many other catchy tunes.

3. Heathers

If you’re a super basic theater nerd, it may surprise you to see this musical on this list, but the fact remains that practically every self-proclaimed theater nerd will be able to sing along to ‘Candy Store’.

4. In the Heights

In the Heights is another musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, so naturally, it has sparked interest for anyone who knows anything about musicals. This musical won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2008.

5. Wicked

Everyone has heard the iconic songs ‘Defying Gravity’ and ‘Popular’ sung by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. Although not as recent as the other musicals on this list, it is just as mandatory for theater nerds who are totally basic to know.

These five musicals feature modern themes in the songs, so it’s only right that they have caught the ear of those that haven’t always been interested in musical theater. I personally believe that it’s because of Hamilton that so many people have been getting into musical theater, but I suppose that it depends on who you ask.