Choir Presents Their Fall Concert

The fall choir concert was held Oct. 12.


The choir fall concert was held on Oct. 12 at Hope Presbyterian Church at 7 p.m. All choirs presented their work over the past eight weeks of school.

Here are some thoughts from students on how they did:

Gabriel Paredes (8) “It’s fun and I really enjoyed working with the rest of the honors choirs and singing awesome songs.”

Catherine Ramage (8) “I liked it a lot and it’s really fun singing with the rest of the choirs.”

Sweta Doraisamy (8) “It was a lot of fun and really cool hearing others songs.”

Ana Vines (8) “It’s really fun and really enjoys hearing the other choirs.”

Lucy Metzger (7) “It was a good learning experience and, it was cool to hear all the other choirs songs.”

Amber Howell (7) “It was fun because I got to show how much I improved.”

Kelly Rice (7) “It was interesting and I love the songs, my favorite song is “Now My Heart”.”

Levi Dominguez (8) “I was really nervous because it was my first time.”

Ren Patterson (8) “I had a lot of fun singing as a group.”

Grant Jaeger (8) “I thought my group sang really good and, was really fun hearing other groups singing.”

The next choir concert will be held on Dec. 13 for their winter show.