Game Review: Spore


June Jung, Reporter

Spore is a video game that allows you to evolve from a microbe in the ocean to a civilization who travel into space and fly about in cool futuristic spaceships.

Let’s start from the beginning. Stage 1: You are a tiny weird microbe swimming in the ocean. You have one job: Don’t get eaten, Don’t starve-find food as fast as possible then you can level up with cool new additions to your microbe, Find a mate so you give your cool new features to the whole population. Repeat.

Once you’ve evolved into a land animal you have interesting legs and a strange new body. You must venture out to meet other species and to either make enemies or alliances. If you are a carnivore you must make enemies so you can eat them, or if you are a herbivore, then you can pick fruit off of  trees and bushes. You can also choose different things to put on your body, each item gives you a different kind of skill, dance, sing or charm.

Once you are level four on all of these, and you have a good brain size, then you can evolve into the tribe stage. The tribe stage is where you finally get to choose clothing for your species. You have to hunt and build different architectural styles while going out to make once again enemies or alliances. Once your tribe is a healthy strong tribe, you evolve into the civilization stage.

This stage is where you get to build tall buildings, houses, schools, shops, and cars. You have to mine a special gas for energy, and then bring it back to your civilization. To make your civilization bigger, you can go out into the world and conquer other civilizations and make them your own. You must fight very well in order to do this.

Remember the other civilizations will come to try and conquer you as well. Once you are a hard-working colony you will move to the space stage. Your civilizations will start to build spaceships and fly to different planets. You can abduct certain species who are still at the land stage, and drop them in different places or even different planets! You have now reached the end of the game, and you can keep fooling around with the abductions and everything as much as you like, and maybe you can start another planet.

My opinion on this game is very much positive. I like to play and abduct the animals and try to find certain planets that they can actually live on, and since there is an endless cosmos, I love to explore different planets and see different species from there.

Spore is a very old game but it is still a hit. You may not know of it but it is still a very interesting game. Spore is one of my favorite video games and I recommend strongly that you play it. This game was a hit because of its ability to explore. It is unique and fun and if you do play it I hope you like it.