Bad Horror Movie Decisions


I assume horror movies are something all of you have seen before. Movies filled with the most interesting (*sarcastic*) people of all time. I mean, in stressful situations you don’t exactly have all the time in the world to make the best decisions of all time, but seriously. Sometimes, anything could be better than the decisions I am going to point out in here!

1. Never ever staying together

Seriously! Splitting up is the worst decision of all time! By now everyone must know not to split up when exploring a place that possibly has a killer inside it! It has happened in every movie. You cannot deny it. At this point, it’s just used as an element to kill characters off.

2. Romantic Interests

Really? Now is not the time for that. For real, people are dying here! So, in almost every movie with a teenage crew of more than six, there will always be that one dumb couple who sneaks off and then gets killed immediately. Rule number one of surviving a horror movie. Never leave the group. (as shown in #1)

3. Coming back for people

I sound heartless saying this, but if you get split up, and find a way out, don’t go back for them. They are most likely dead. Also, if you leave, the horror elements will kick in and you will either get killed, or the exit will get destroyed or obstructed.

4. Running and tripping over everything instead of grabbing something to fight  (whoever) with.

This role is usually beheld by women, (again, no sexism here) they see something, run, get chased by whoever, and trip. But instead of just standing up, they just flail around! Is it really that hard to just take off your high heels, get up, rip your dress of that nail, and run?!

5. Not turning around.

Some characters are so low when the person they are talking to either has a horrified look on their face or screams, turn around. Don’t just go, “Whaaaat..?”…and slowly turn around. Do it quickly!

So, there is my list of some really bad horror decisions. Hopefully. if you ever end up in a situation like this (you won’t) then don’t do this.