Fortnite Season 6 Review

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Fortnite Season 6 Review

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It’s a new day for the most popular game in the world. A new season, Season 6, of Fortnite has been released.

Fortnite is divided into seasons. Each season lasts about 70 days. The seasons bring with it new rewards and a new battle pass. The battle pass is where you earn rewards through completing challenges and leveling up. Each season has its own unique theme. The themes are with accordance with Fortnite’s storyline, which began towards the end of Season 3.

The storyline started with a comet that appeared in the sky. Signs started appearing in Tilted Towers of the comet striking and aliens arriving. Emergency broadcasts started to appear and small meteorites struck in game. Then, Season 4 started. The comet struck Dusty Depot and created Dusty Divot. The comet was in the middle of the divot. A research station was built around the comet and the comet started to expand. Soon, it broke and a pod could be seen inside. An evil base was built and soon, a rocket. Towards the end of the season, the rocket was launched and started to move through rifts. It finally appeared out of a rift and left a crack in the sky.

Soon, Season 5 began and the only new thing was rifts. But soon the crack spewed lightning and left a giant, bouncy, purple cube. The crack was gone. The cube moved around the map until in the final week of season 5, it melted into Loot Lake. This led the way for Season 6. Season 6 started with the cube pushing the middle of Loot Lake into the sky. The floating island is currently moving around the map.

The theme of Season 4 was superheroes, suitable for the fact that catastrophe struck. The theme for season 5 was time-travel, which also makes sense due to the portal like rifts. The season six theme, based off the battle pass rewards and the changes to the map, is evil themed.

One major change to the map is the change to Loot Lake. In the middle of loot lake, there used to be an island with a house in the middle. When the cube melted in, it attached to the bottom of that island and pushed the island into the sky. The contents on top of the island remain the same as before. The island itself though is currently floating in the air and is the shape of an upside-down volcano. The cube is lodged in the bottom of the island. The island has created a vortex around it and below it, allowing players to just fly in the air, somewhat similar to iFly. There is currently a hole in the middle of Loot Lake, that bounces players out whenever they try to go into the whole. This continues with Fortnite’s pattern of changing at least one location in accordance to the theme. This is a great change to the map as Fortnite has never tried something such as a floating island, as well as the fact that Loot Lake has been the same for over a year, and needed a big change.

Another change is the corrupted areas. Throughout Season 5, the cube moved around and left marks in some locations. Those marks have now corrupted the areas around them. Overall, the corrupted areas aren’t very good if you are trying to win the game. There is little to no loot there and there aren’t many resources to harvest there either. It seems like corrupted areas are just a useless addition to the game, but there is one thing that is really good about them – Shadow Stones.

Shadow Stones are a new addition to the game. Each season, Fortnite adds a special item related to the theme. In Season 4, there were hop rocks, which made you jump higher. In Season 5, there were rifts, which teleported you into the sky and you could glide to wherever you wanted. The item for Season 6 is shadow stones. Shadow stones turn you somewhat invisible, like a shadow, for a period of time. I think this is a great addition to the game for two reasons. First, because this addition fits the theme perfectly. Shadow sounds menacing and evil, which is the theme of this season. Second, it helps in the game. Being invisible is a big advantage and the point of the special abilities is to give an advantage.

Season 6 is a great season with a great battle pass and brilliant changes to the map.