Why Is The Apple Watch A Bigger Upgrade From The Last One


Ayan Momin, Reporter

Do you think the Apple watch is a bigger upgrade from the last one? Why or why not it is the Apple Watch a bigger upgrade, and descriptions to why the new one is better than the old one.


For the new Apple watches, The smaller of the two watch sizes has a height of 40mm and the larger 44mm. In the old ones, the smaller one has a hight 38mm, and the larger one has a hight of 42mm. So the sizes of the new apple watches are bigger than the old ones. The bigger the size the easier it is to use.

The performance 

The performance of the new Apple watch is the same as the old one. They have the same chip, s2, s3, and s4 chips. But in the new watch, the mg of ram has increased by 50, which is a lot if you are talking about a small device.


Fitness is a very important part of the Apple watches, that’s the main reason I think people buy the Apple watches. All versions of the Apple Watch feature a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensor. Although Apple Watch 4 has ECG features for the first time. Ecg means electrogram, it checks all your cardio for you faster than the old apple watch. So the cardio has improved from the old watch to the new watch.


In price, the old watch dominates the new one. The new Apple watch cost a whopping $399 to $499, which is a lot of money that you would spend on a watch. The old apple watch cost $349 to $399. So in price, I would take the old watch.

In conclusion, if you like to go out and exercise and use your Apple watch a lot, then you should buy the new Apple watch series 4. But if you just want a watch that is affordable and does almost the same things as the series 4, then you should buy the old Apple watches series 3. In my opinion, you should buy the old Apple because of all the features the old one has. Hopefully, you make a good choice on which Apple watch to buy.