CVMS Halloween Plans

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CVMS Halloween Plans

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Silas Ou, Reporter

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With Halloween nearing, many students around campus are going trick or treating. Here are the plans for some of our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

Question 1: Are you going trick or treating?

Aidan Havens (6): Yes

Michael Walker (6): Yes

Shahnawaz Dolani (6): Yeah

Colby Garza (7): Yes

Suleyman Shah (7): No

Dillon Garza (6) : Yeah


Question 2. What will you be for Halloween?

Aidan Havens (6): A conspiracy theorist wearing an aluminum hat and a shirt that says “THE END IS NIGH”.

Michael Walker (6): Jason from “Friday the 13th.”

Shahnawaz Dolani (6): A mummy.

Colby Garza (7): Black Panther.

Suleyman Shah (7): Suley/a normal person.

Dillon Garza (6): The Joker.


Question 3: What is your favorite candy?

Aidan Havens (6): Probably Jolly Ranchers.

Michael Walker (6):  Hershey’s.

Shahnawaz Dolani (6): Candied Pumpkins.

Colby Garza (7): Gummies (not Gummy Bears or Worms, just Gummies).

Suleyman Shah (7):  Starbursts.

Dillon Garza (6): Twix.