Weird Holidays: National NUT Day



Oct. 22: National NUT DAY! Now, you people might be thinking something VERY DIFFERENT, but these are the type of nuts you EAT. No wait, that’s… um, they grow on trees! THERE!

OK, moving on, National Nut Day was actually created not too long ago. In 2015, The Liberation Food Company decided to make a holiday to CELEBRATE NUTS. So they chose Oct. 22, I guess. Their holiday was used to tell the world about all sorts of different nuts and small nut producers which grow them. But, in the last few years, this holiday has spread all over the world and is celebrated by nut fans everywhere. I don’t know what nut fans are, (well maybe I do) but what I don’t know is, how can you celebrate nuts?

Now that we’ve gone on about the history of the holiday, now let’s go on with the history of the nut. Nuts have been part of most humans diets for a long time. People eating nuts goes all the way back to 50,000 years BC! People have been busting nuts open with rocks and other tools for tens of thousands of years now! During the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe, chestnuts became especially popular. They were especially important because during the harsh winters, you could eat those! Due to the fact that nuts can last a lot longer than most other stuff, (about an entire season) and also are very fatty, they were the perfect food for surviving. Other nuts were popular during this time, like almonds. And when European settlers came to North America, they brought the miracle of NUTS to the natives! Today, there are Infinitely more varieties!

So I went to a website and asked how to celebrate national nut day, and here were some of the suggestions it gave me:

Give People Nuts

Throw a Nut Party (?)

Post pictures of nuts using #NationalNutDay (We already do that. We post pictures of food all the time.)

So altogether, doesn’t seem like a holiday I would celebrate, considering I only eat peanuts and cashews, but I can see how people can celebrate holidays like these. And hey, I might give it a try.