Top 10 Most Dangerous Activities


From sitting on your sofa watching TV, to riding a rollercoaster, we are going to look at some of the most dangerous activities on the planet. Some of these do seem pretty odd, but that’s mostly what humans do, we’re the oddballs, but that’s ok. If you put us in front of, let’s say a lion, it would be thinking, “What the?!”

Number 1: Free solo climbing

Have you ever gone climbing? Well, this is climbing except, no safety equipment, it’s like jumping on a mountain and saying, “Here I go! Too bad if you slip!

Number 2: Base Jumping

This is sort of like skydiving, except more hazardous, you climb up a big pole, and jump off, it’s as simple as that, but since it’s not as far away from the ground, it’s more likely that you’re going to break something.

Number 3: Wing-Suiting

This is where people get into a suit that webs all their limbs. They jump off cliffs and mountains and soar through the skies, passing rivers and valleys. They can steer themselves, but that’s exactly what is so dangerous, one wrong turn and you could end up dead or worse, hanging off a tree with no one to help you.

Number 4: Bull Running

Ever run a race? Ever run for your life? Bull running is where multiple people go running from bulls, if you get stampeded, oh well. They release the bulls into an alleyway and have them start running.

Number 5: Hang gliding.

There is a reason it’s called Hang gliding. You soar through the air, with a huge triangle kite. Your head sticks out while your arms guide you, and your feet? They hang behind you.

Number 6: Mountain climbing

This is like free solo climbing except with safety equipment, maybe the word safety is there for a reason, but it doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

Number 7: Scuba diving

Like swimming and sightseeing, then this is the activity is for you, just let me aware you of the dangers first. Scuba diving has an average rate of shark and other hazardous fish attacks, people have been dragged into the deep, with so much as a bite.

Number 8: Recreational Boating

Sadly, up to 500 to 1,000 people die from recreational boating, for multiple reasons. One: Poor weather. Two: Drunk sailing. Three: Errors of the captain. Either way, these people, at least some of them had a love for the sea, but there was no love in return.

Number 9: Big wave surfing

Supposedly all of us have seen people surf, but big wave surfing? Big wave surfing is where people go out to places where there are waves up to 50 feet that could maybe just crush you, and in some places, sharks dwell in those waters, nevermind that!

Number 10: Heli-Skiing

This is where people jump out of a helicopter, ski down a mountain then parachute down to the ground. It might be dangerous but I bet it is also fun, and I think the killer view is worth a couple injuries.

Next up: Top 10 most dangerous animals and Top 10 most deadly diseases.

These are the top 10 most dangerous activities and welcome to the top 10 series, I hope you like it. Make sure to comment about what top 10 I should do next!