Riverdale Review 2 (spoilers)


Mehak Mehmi, Reporter

As we talked about Riverdale being one of the best and most discussed shows among young people. But as the show has gone on, the story-line has now gotten more intense, dealing with heavier themes. The character of Cheryl tried to drown herself on purpose below the ice sheet, which shows that the series has become more darker. I think this is good, as it shows more serious topics that other shows would be afraid to address. This, to me, makes it one of the most important shows on television.

The characters also break the mold of your usual TV stereotypes. For instance, Veronica’s dad doesn’t look like a criminal at all, even though its revealed later on that he is,  but on the other hand, FP does. His character is just like a criminal, but he was framed. The show definitely subverts expectations in this way. I think Riverdale has a really deep plot. They really just go into the story compared to other tv shows. The characters chosen to do this are amazing at acting but some people don’t have similar personalities as other people. Like Polly and betty. They are sisters but are so different.

Here is what students think about Riverdale:

Aspen Gayle (7): My favorite character is Cheryl because she is sassy. My favorite episode was episode 1 because I kinda like how it starts off with suspense and it like pulls you to watch it more. I felt like I was at the edge of my seat when Jason died. Hiram Lodge does so not look like a criminal. He looks more of a mysterious guy and fancy dad.

Hannah Bresser (7): I really like the plot of Riverdale. It’s really deep and they move into the story really quickly. There are multiple things happening and you can tell what is going to happen but that doesn’t happen. Since Betty has a big heart and really cared about Cheryl, I actually thought she was gonna save her from drowning herself. Hiram lodge doesn’t look more of a criminal. He looks like someone who manipulates people.