Do CVMS Students Like Thanksgiving or Christmas Better?

This an interview with CVMS students on whether they like Thanksgiving or Christmas better.


Nikita Raman, Reporter

Thanksgiving and Christmas two of my favorite holidays. From pumpkin spice latte to Christmas light and sweaters and most of all the days off from school. The thing is that everyone likes this two holidays Thanksgiving is about a day of giving thanks and Christmas is about the day of giving. So my goal is to find out what CVMS students think about this special holiday, and what it means to them. When I first thought of this question I wondered if most people would pick Christmas. Which is not a surprise to me; considering that it is everyone’s favorite holiday expect the Grinch. Other than the wonderful holiday that we know about we also need to remember the true meaning behind each and every one.

So I decided to interview some students at CVMS. To find out their opinion on whether they like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  • Bella- “I like Christmas because I feel it’s a lot more meaningful, to get together with your family.”
  • Pranav- “I like Thanksgiving because there is a sale on everything at the store.”
  • Ethan- “I like Christmas better because my family goes on vacations, and the break is longer.”
  • Annika- “I like Christmas because I get presents.
  • Austin-” I like Christmas because that’s the one time I get to see my entire family.”
  • Travis-“I like Christmas because it is the most wonderful time of the year with family around to celebrate with you.”

This is probably the best time of the year you get the amazing breaks and you get to relax with long vacations. What these to very different holidays share, which is very is important is that it allows you to enjoy your time with your family. People should always the true meaning behind every holiday. So enjoy the amazing holidays to come, and the time to relax with family.