The Perfect Present According to 10 Students


Evan Tucker, Reporter

If kids had an endless amount of money, what would be their one dream present for Christmas?

Maria Morjan (6):

“I would give money to the charities.”

Aryan Punalekar (7) and Cooper Lueck (7):

“If we had an infinite amount of money, we would bribe the teachers into letting us quit school with all A’s.”

Matthew Ehlert (8):

“If I had an infinite amount of money I would put it into cryogenics research.”

Kaydance Esquivel (8):

“This might sound really cheesy but I would donate it to animal shelters to help all of the little animals because I like dogs.”

Kl’che Brown (8):

“My dream present would be Jordans 13. Like the shoes.”

Lily Jenkins (8):

“I think I would go to Jamaica.”

Indi Kolouru (6):

“If I had an infinite amount of money I think I would buy the world because then I could get what I want and show people that I have lots of money.”

Spencer White (6):

“All I would have is presents. And Voltron, too.”

Zeus Zhang (6):

“If I were to have an infinite amount of money, and I was allowed to buy anything I want, I would save some for my college funds. Then I’ll buy the moon.”

Emma Portnoy (8):

(Long pause…)

Me: “Also I’m filming right now. You can go whenever you want.”

Emma: “I can have anything? And I can’t have infinite wishes?”

Me: “I mean, no one’s ever asked for that. But no, because you can’t buy it.”

(Long pause…)

Emma: “I would want… Is it like…”

Emma: “I would want a house. Like a good house.”

Me: “Barbie Dreamhouse?”

Emma: “No. Do you know the ones that the Kardashians live in? No, I want Shayne Dawson’s house, if I can have his golf cart.”


It seems like donating is the most popular thing this year! That and planets. Two planets.